Defros high-performance antifoaming agents take aim and kill foam without reacting to your fluids or lubricants. Laboratory tested and real world proven, they are more effective than competitive defoamers on the market today.

Product name Description
HYMOI WA201 Wetting agent with moderate static and dynamic surface tension properties.
HYMOI WA202 Carrier and wetting agent for water-soluble components into hydrophobic substances. Recommended for
HYMOI WA205 Wetting agent with excellent wetting properties for wood-surfaces. Improves Stability of (organic) P
HYMOI WA206 Excellent wetting agent for glass-surfaces, aqueous epoxy and PU systems. Prohibits gel formation in
HYMOI WA302 Wetting agent, Glass Adhesion promoter and Glass Corrosion inhibitor for aqueous systems on glass su
HYMOI WA303 Allows the necessary wetting properties for water based systems such as paints: adhesives; printing
HYMOI WA306 Exhibits excellent water retention properties; however after drying the water resistance is not affe
HYMOI WA307 Wetting/levelling agent which improves Open time and Flow in Textured masonry coatings and Plasters.