Defros high-performance antifoaming agents take aim and kill foam without reacting to your fluids or lubricants. Laboratory tested and real world proven, they are more effective than competitive defoamers on the market today.

Product name Description
Defros DF EP Ester based; Phosphoric acid production
Defros DF 207 PAG based; fermentation: Citric acid, Alcohol; Desalination; Dairy; Cleaners/Detergents
Defros DF 213 PAG based; Fermentation: Antibiotics; Paper production
Defros DF 254 PAG based; Fermentation: Citric Acid
Defros DF 502 PAG based; Lubricants; Potato processing
Defros DF 503 PAG/Ester based; Fermentation: Antibiotics; Proteins
Defros DF 505 PAG/Fatty acid based; production of Gelatine, Potato (Starch, French Fries, Chips) as well as for th
Defros DF 507 PAG based; Potato processing; Starch
Defros DF 518 PAG based; Dairy; Yeast
Defros DF 528 White Oil/PAG based; Potato-; Starch-; and Sugar- processing; Dairy products; Proteins
Defros DF 533 PAG based; Citric/Lactic acid (fermentation process), Acetic acid production
Defros DF 545 White Oil/PAG based; FCA for Adhesives and high viscous systems (Paint – Primers)
Defros DF 403 Concentrate; PVC production, Siloxane based (aqueous and non-aqueous Systems)
Defros DF 405 Siloxane based concentrate; Lubricants (aqueous and non-aqueous Systems); Multipurpose
Defros DF 411 Siloxane based concentrate; Lubricants (aqueous and non-aqueous Systems); Graphic Art; Fermentation
Defros DF 421 Silicone emulsion, highly effective multi-purpose FCA
Defros DF 426 Silicone compound containing minerals; aqueous and solvent based systems
Defros DF 301 Water-soluble; transparent systems, Cleaning agents
Defros DF 303 Water-soluble; transparent systems, Curtain coating and Spray applications
Defros DF 305 Water soluble, transparent systems
Defros DF 306 Complete water-soluble; transparent systems, Aerosols, Cleaning Baths.
Defros DF 309 Water-soluble; PAG-based FCA. Epoxy, lacquers, cleaners
Defros DF WP White oil/Ester based; Phosphoric acid production