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We concentrate our activities on areas in which we possess a grown core competence. In all strategic business areas we offer high-performance products with proven quality and numerous benefits for the users.

Three business units were established on the basis of shared chemical and technological features and the corresponding market segments. They are organized to meet the specific requirements and opportunities of their markets.

The SPECIALTY BIOCIDES business unit offers a comprehensive range of industrial in-can preservatives, dry film fungicides/algaecides and anti-microbial products based on a wide range of in-house actives and a global network of formulation plants. These products meet the great demand of many applications in the field of paints and coatings, water-treatment, leather processing, metal-working fluids, inks and starches etc.

Business unit PERFORMANCE CHEMICALS offers a comprehensive range of specialties for customers in various industries: paints and coatings, personal care, adhesives, construction and industrial chemistry etc.

The INTERMEDIATE CHEMICALS business unit provides advanced chemical intermediates for the pharmaceutical/biotech industry. It has developed significant expertise in chemistries involving boronic acids, cross coupling reactions, asymmetric syntheses and heteroaromatics containing nitrogen, oxygen and sulfur etc.