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We believe that in order to succeed you must be conscious of your customer at all times. In the competitive environment of today you cannot merely satisfy a customer, you must exceed all expectations and this is our goal. We have made the decision to approach all issues with the needs of our customers in mind, while performing our duties in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Vision Statement

Hofmann Chemie will excel for our employees, communities, customers and shareholders through craftsmanship.
Mission Statement

Guided by our Rules of Conduct and Core Values, Hofmann Chemie employees will satisfy customers and build solid financial growth through teamwork.
Governing Priorities

All decisions and actions in our company are based on our four governing priorities, in the order in which they are listed:

SAFETY "is not something we just work at, more correctly, it is how we think, plan and perform in order to accomplish our daily tasks."
· ENVIRONMENTAL "isn't what we protect, it is where our families live, work and play."
· CUSTOMER SATISFACTION "is essential for the very life blood of our company."
· PRODUCTION "is the completion of the cycle in striving for excellence throughout."