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Commitments to Customers

At Hofmann Chemie, we believe strongly that our success is intricately linked to that of our customers (manufacturing companies and distributors) and to the satifaction of their end users. Hence we invest considerable time and effort in creating a customer-orientated business environment, with the aim of forging long-term partnerships. We have a same-day customer-response policy, and work closely with our business partners to achieve goals. Our technical services department has strong analytical and formulation expertise. We can offer exceptional flexibility with regards to our formulated products, and will do our utmost to accommodate customers' special requirements.

Commitments to Environment

Hofmann Chemie produces NO CHEMICAL WASTE, and incorporates the 'Triple R' principles of REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE into the day to day running of its facilities. Consultation with local environmental organizations has led to extensive redesigning of its installation and manufacturing processes. The installation is now fully protected against pollution of land, air or water, and has achieved substantial reductions in energy consumption. We firmly committed to making continuous improvements to our environmental performance in order to ensure that our impact on the environment continues to be negligible.